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Lustrous Henna®

ANSWERS to Questions
@Tracy Campbell: This is Syed.

We appreciate that you keep on using Lustrous Henna despite some red tones. Most people are able to achieve a nice black color on hair when using Lustrous Henna Soft Black. It seems that we all have our own hair chemistry. In rare cases some hair, doesn't take color well and turns red.

Lustrous Henna is a natural henna base dye, which means that base coating is done by henna, additional natural herbs work as secondary dyes. Since henna has red color, and it being the strongest dye which always cover gray, the hair absorbs the henna dye. But, rarely, some unknown chemical in the hair prevents the secondary herbs from coating over the natural henna dye. The few Lustrous Henna Soft Black users that have run into this problem are adding a small amount of Indigo leaves (powder) to get better coverage. At this point we do not if this is the real remedy to this problem. We looking into this and will share information with you once it becomes available.

@Christine: Thanks for your question.

Lustrous Henna is a natural extract form of dye as oppose to grounded leaves (powder) of henna. Because of this, a long soaking time is not required.



If Lustrious Henna is mostly henna, why does it not require the long soaking for dye release and long application time of henna?

L.J. O'Neal

L.J. here. Thanks for your comment, Tracey. I use the soft black Lustrous Henna, too. I've never had red at my roots, only black. I use it to cover my gray. I have gray roots in the front and a small gray streak on the left of my forehead. When the color starts fading, my streak does turn to a very pretty deep red that compliments me. That is what I can tell you about my own experience using soft black Lustrous Henna.

Syed is away for the weekend with family,however, he will respond to your comment as soon as he returns. In the meantime go to the website and read the faq's (url listed below) and testimonial pages.
Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

Ciao for Now, L.J.


Tracey Campbell

I want your product to work for me as Im allergic to dyes but whenever I use the black lustrous henna I get a red colour at the roots and in front. Any suggestions as to how I can be helped Im black with indian and african hair

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